The library of He Xiangning Art Museum, with a collection of around 6,000 books, covers genres of topical documentations on He Xiangning, documents of modern history, study on modern art history and contemporary art, and catalogues. Taking the efforts of collecting, exhibiting and studying He’s artworks and archives as its underlying mission, the museum is also interested in curating, displaying and studying outstanding artistic outcomes by artists in modern art history, overseas Chinese art, young artists and contemporary art productions. Hence its main academic effort at collating and preserving relevant literature and documents of art history. By means of book exchange, donation by scholars and procurement, the library builds up the volume of books of thematic archives of He Xiangning, modern history, intellectual history, academic history, art history, contemporary art, history of classical books, masterpieces of the western classical art and catalogues of artworks, shoring up the librarys position as a venue of academic research and international exchange. Collections on six leading areas of literature research are being constantly improved, namely study on He Xiangning and her art archives, monographs and publications of modern intellectual and academic histories, monographs and literature of the study on modern art history, classics of western art history research, study on and literature of contemporary art and thematic documents of seminars on art history.

As a boutique library with a tailor-made purpose, the library offers a regular lineup of book exchanges and academic symposiums. We hope to take this space as a venue for regular, perennial academic dialogues with worldwide art historians, higher education institutions, research bodies, fellow museum professionals and art enthusiasts to bolster the research on our collected artworks of He Xiangning, exchange with overseas Chinese and the study on modern art history and contemporary art.