Scholars share lesser-known stories about overseas Chinese artists 2024.03.19 Shenzhen Daily

SCHOLARS in the fields of art, architecture, anthropology, migration history, and cultural communication

Exhibition spotlights film master Cai Chusheng 2023.11.09 Shenzhen Daily

A new exhibition at the He Xiangning Art Museum, titled “The Spring River Flows East: The Artistic Life of Cai Chusheng,” is a remarkable tribute to Cai Chusheng (1906-1968)

Modern spirit 2023.08.28 China Daily

The proliferation of artists, scholars and buyers gave rise to the formation of the Shanghai School

Shanghai School paintings bring a breeze of artistry 2023.08.24 Shenzhen Daily

The Shanghai School style gradually developed, eventually becoming one of the most important painting trends in modern China.

Exhibition manifests couple’s lifelong artistic exploration 2023.04.25 Shenzhen Daily

Incorporating the traditional Chinese New Year woodblock painting style, their realistic paintings are warm, sincere and close to the viewers’ hearts.

Exhibition showcases overseas Chinese artists’ works 2022.12.20 Shenzhen Daily

These experiences somehow influenced them to stick to their own style while creating art

Journey down rivers in Wang Huangsheng’s exhibition 2022.10.25 Shenzhen Daily

Wang’s contemporary vision is rooted in his past

Admire masters’ paintings from Nanjing Museum 2022.07.21 Shenzhen Daily

IF the summer heat keeps up, why not spend some time with quality art in the air-conditioned art museums?

How do overseas Chinese women artists keep working? 2022.03.23 CAFA ART INFO

In this exhibition, the participating 16 overseas Chinese female artists also have diverse identities, such as overseas Chinese, second-generation immigrants, musicians, stage designers, founders of social organizations, educators, etc...

Exhibition examines overseas Chinese female artists 2022.02.18 Shenzhen Daily

The exhibition invited 16 female artists who have lived overseas for a long time or have been traveling between China and abroad, to present their art practices in a multidimensional way

Exhibition puts spotlight on 20th-century female artists 2021.10.29 Shenzhen Daily

These well-educated artists had either learned from Chinese masters or studied abroad, some of whom held exhibitions abroad or were versatile in other art forms.

Exhibition in Shenzhen looks back at women's art movement 2021.10.28 China Daily

Paintings by 12 notable Chinese female artists active in the first half of the 20th century, presenting a glorious page in the history of Chinese women’s art.

A booming town along Grand Canal in focus at painting exhibition 2021.07.20 China Daily

It shows 80 classical Chinese paintings by preeminent artists from Yangzhou, including the Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhouan art group active in the 18th century whose innovative style was later adopted by modern Chinese artists.

An activist's art 2021.02.01 China Daily

He's paintings convey a courageous, heroic spirit rather than the gentle, lovely feminine temperament that can be found in many works painted by women in Chinese art history.