Maud Lewis and the Nova Scotia Terroir

Venue He Xiangning Art Museum
Opening Date 2019.12.14 Saturday
Organizer He Xiangning Art Museum
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
Artist Maud Lewis, Melanie Colosimo, Frances Dorsey, Anne Macmillan, Ursula Johnson, Charley Young

He Xiangning Art Museum has always engaged in international contemporary art exchange, and promoted a large range of international contemporary art exhibitions to provide a healthy platform for it. We are honored to collaborate with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia to showcase this exhibition Maud Lewis and the Nova Scotia Contemporary Art Exhibition,which uses the artworks of the famous folk artist, Maud Lewis, and the other six contemporary female artists from Nova Scotia to celebrate the artistic production of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

Maud Lewis (1903-1970) ,best known for her paintings of cats, fishing boats, local wildlife and landscapes of the picturesque coastline of Nova Scotia, is one of Canada’s most iconic folk artists whose work is known around the world. Maud Lewis’s paintings are irrepressibly joyful and depict her surroundings with humor and affection. Despite having no formal artistic education or training, and limited access to professional artist’s supplies, it didn’t interfere with people to feel the colorfulness and richness of her inner world.

Melanie Colosimo, Frances Dorsey, Ursula Johnson, Anne Macmilla, Sarah Maloney, Charley Young, the other six living artists included in the exhibition present a dynamic and engaging exploration of Nova Scotia’s rich contemporary visual arts community which reveals the sense of place and the history that informs it.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the various help and support offered by everybody.

Exhibition Supervisor   Cai Xianliang

Curator  Sarah Fillmore

Coordination  Fan Ning,Lin Fan

Project Directors  Luo Siying,Yu Xiangzhi

Project Executives Chen Zhuoer, Chen Chuqing

Publicity  Fang Hua

Exhibition Design  Liangfeng Design