Culture China:For the Culture Succession—The Special Art and Documents Exhibition of The Great Rescue Mission of Chinese Cultural Celebrities and Liao Anxiang’s Donations

Venue He Xiangning Art Museum
Opening Date 2021.07.15 Thursday

Literature and art have become the best manifestations of a nation’s spirit and culture since the concept of "civilization" came into being in human society. During war time, it was the literature and art works that not only reflected the courage and the perseverance of the people, but also the succession of a national culture as well as the the bond of a nation. In December 1941, Hong Kong fell. In order to remove the consciousness of resistance of Chinese people, Japanese troops knew clearly that they should eliminate the spiritual support first, which meant their targets would be those cultural celebrities who were hiding in Hong Kong Island and persistently encouraging people to fight back against the Japanese imperialist. To rescue more than 800 anti-Japanese cultural celebrities, including He Xiangning, Liu Yazi, Mao Dun, Zou Taofen, Cai Chusheng, and their families. led and deployed by Zhou Enlai, organized and implemented by Liao Chengzhi, the "Great Rescue Mission" happened in Guangdong and Hong Kong was truly a miracle in the world military history.

Liao Anxiang was the crucial member in The Great Rescue Mission who is selfless, fearless and is known as Meizhou Swordsman. He collected an abundant paintings and calligraphy by the cultural celebrities which mirrored the magnificent and revolutionary spirit of Chinese nation at that time. In this exhibition, we elaborately selected 46 pieces of masterpieces which were donated by Liao Anxiang to JIAYING UNIVERSITY.

On the occasion of the centennial of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party, by combing relevant history documents and exhibiting rich historical graphic materials and precious calligraphy and paintings by the cultural celebrities, we would like to reproduce the Great Rescue Mission, which could be called a miracle in modern history, so as to memorize those cultural celebrities who devoted themselves to the national revolutionary cause. 

Heartfelt thanks should be given to people from all walks of life who have been with us in support of this exhibition.


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