Special Exhibition of He Xiangning Art Museum Collection

— Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of He Xiangning's Death and the 25th Anniversary of the Opening of He Xiangning Art Museum

Stepping into the art museum, we appreciate art and contemplate the artists' observation of the world. No matter it is classical or experimental contemporary art, the space of art galleries and museums jointly protects the culture heritage that we treasure, encourage us to know, to think and to love. Regardless of how many different ways that people think of the art museum, at present, she is one of the images of contemporary urban life.

He Xiangning Art Museum, a public art museum named after He Xiangning. Since its completion and opening in 1997, this simple and elegant public space is the center for preserving, studying, exhibiting and promoting He Xiangning's art and revolutionary spirit, as well as presents some theoretical explorations of "Contemporary Art Museum". This year, is the 25th anniversary of He Xiangning Art Museum. As a non-profit public service organization, focusing on the era and identity of "He Xiangning", the art museum has planned different art history themes as "He Xiangning and Her Era", "Feminist Art Research", "Modern Art History", "Overseas Chinese Art" and "Regional Art and Culture Research", etc. Every year, the art museum will organize special research exhibitions, meanwhile sort out and preserve the relevant art history documents as her main academic work.

In this 25 years of sincere practice, He Xiangning Art Museum is also committed to exploring the current Art Ecology, Urban Space as well as the output of Humanities and Academia and other propositions related to New Art Museum Space. He Xiangning Art Museum is a space that stores culture relics and works of art defined by our society. At the same time, facing the public, she is an open public space without fences and a unique interactive field. Her architectural aesthetics, academic attitude and open service image constitute its main social attributes. Within this threshold, we began to discuss modern art. Public sculpture entered the communities for the first time. The lectures of humanities and academia has become the prototype of many types of "lectures" today and one of the main forms of knowledge generation and output of present art museums. With rigorous exhibition planning and artistic ideals in the humanities, over the past 25 years, our continuous hard work has connected us with a large number of audiences from the Greater Bay Area till overseas Chinese. In 1997, He Xiangning Art Museum, Guan Shanyue Art Museum and Guangdong Museum of Art were established at the same time, with diverse development. 25 years later, each art museum seems to have the character of "Case Study" at the level of art museum studies.

In the context of new art museum studies, He Xiangning Art Museum strives to break through its architectural limitation, think about the value of public space and the connection with urban space. Our expectation for the future is not only to inherit the previous exploration, but also to make this simple and elegant space have, or accommodate more possible academic discussion, practice of ideas, diversified arts and artists by the chance of changing the systems. At the same time, as the inheritor and propagandist of Chinese excellent culture, He Xiangning Art Museum has the responsibility to implement the cultural confidence, to satisfy people's growing aesthetic needs and enrich their cultural life. This time, based on the rich collections, we planned this special exhibition to showcase how the art museum thought, planned, practiced and planned in the past quarter of a century.