Overseas Chinese Invatational Exhibition

In Working: Women In Art Practice

Culture China · The 4th Overseas Chinese Artists Invitational Exhibition

Organizer: He Xiangning Art Museum

Exhibition Date:2021/12.29 Wed. To 2022/03.27 Sun.

Venue: He Xiangning Art Museum Hall 4-8

Exhibition Supervisor: CAI Xianliang
Chief Exhibition Adviser: WANG Huangsheng
Curators: LI Beike, LIU Xiyan
Co-Curators: YU Xiangzhi, CHEN Zhuoer
Coordinators: CHENG Bin, FAN Ning
Public Education & Promotion: LUO Siying
Publicity: FANG Hua
Exhibition Assistants: DING Ziying, LIN Yue
Exhibition Design: WANG Yaxing, BREEZE Design

Artists: CHANG Yuchen, Chun Hua Catherine DONG, Gayle CHONG KWAN, Alison KUO, Hua JIN, Serena LEE, Beili LIU, Duoni LIU, Susan Pui San LOK, Jennifer Wen MA, Yeu-Lai MO, SHEN Cai, Naormi Meijia WANG, Alice WANG, Yiy ZHANG, Linda ZHANG


As one of the serial events of “Culture China”, “The Overseas Chinese Artists Invitational Exhibition” has been officially hosted by the He Xiangning Art Museum annually since 2020, and has become one of the major academic projects thereafter. He Xiangning is an outstanding female artist in modern Chinese history, and the museum named after her has always maintained a strong focus on overseas Chinese art as well as female art. “In Working: Women in Art Practice - The 4th Overseas Chinese Artists Invitational Exhibition” takes a close look at the overseas Chinese female artists and attempts to explore the diversity and possibilities in today’s social works.

The focus of this year’s exhibition is that, in a history of production going through agriculture, industry and intellect, being productive forces of labor, female artists across the ages have done contribution physically, emotionally and intellectually. By investigating their artistic creations, this exhibition takes the public on a journey to rethink the efforts of overseas Chinese women in the new era for social development, cultural exchange and intellectual innovation in the context of globalization.

The exhibition invites 16 female artists who have lived overseas for a long time or have long been traveling between China and the abroad, to present their art practice till now in a multidimensional way, ranging from video recording, artistic expression to spatial reconstruction. Some of the artists celebrate women in the times with delicate and sensitive emotions, some explore the meaning of housework with keywords such as repetition and superposition, and some imagine the future with a vision beyond gender. These works demonstrate the overseas Chinese women’s observation, reflection and feelings on individual, collective, world, history and society.

Here, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have provided their help and support for this exhibition.

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